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  1. Watchin' You
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oh i been watchin’ you
bringin’ a sky so blue
out of the rain

turnin’ my head
when you said
that you don’t
or that you won’t
it’s all the same

takin’ my heart
or just that part
you say you need
so i concede
you the victory
for all that’s left of me
But still, I keep watchin’ you

oh i been turnin’ blue
holdin’ my breath
under the water,
now I’m sinkin’ way down deep

but still i keep
ahold of what i hope
to be a rope
and there’ll be room enough to breath
cause i like to breath

pullin’ away
maybe pray
for a change
is that strange
does it mean
there’s nothin’ here that used to be
oh now I see, you been watchin’ me

     maybe i should hold out
     or hold you
     or turn what i told you
     into somethin’ more
     than what i said before
And still, keep on watchin’ you

I’ve been lookin’
You’ve been cookin’ up
somethin new
and that’s been perplexing me
a complicated thing

Churnin’ up the water
Maybe aught’a change the cycle
Stop the trembling
Start remembering,

takin’ this part
That’s just my heart
I watch you walk away
But still you say
You’re interested
So uninhibited I’ll invest a little time
And still be watchin’ you

gotta put a lock on the front door
Too much been gettin through
And what’s more
I believe
I’ve found the best of what I need
You watchin’ me