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  1. Arlington


I played last night in Arlington
the Regent, it was packed and primed
there was a pretty young lady
sittin’ in the front row
she wore cornflower blue jeans and white

and every time I caught a glance from her
I thought if just by chance, for sure
I’d meet that girl and I would ask her name
but I turned it into words to say
another song and place to play
a smile I will remember just the same
just the same

I bought a new guitar at the Northern Lights in Littleton
I played it at the Alley that same night
the strings melted like butter
on slice of Anadama
that I had that afternoon
It was sheer delight

and every time I played another note
or sang another song I wrote
the flavors just rolled gently off my hands
the crowd was cheering silently
afraid to break the bond that we
were building
as the melodies began
they clapped their hands
they clapped their hands

there’s a park bench where I sat and played
in Eastbrook on a Saturday
one afternoon when time was young and free
The passers by all laughed and cried
with every song I shared and I
could feel there was no place
they’d rather be

and as each lyric passed across my lips
the strings embraced my fingertips
they locked me in their hearts and memories
There was so much more for us in store
We shared and cared above the roar
And now within my heart they’ll aways be

there’s a place they call the Higher Ground
on Williston in Burlington
I spent a weekend or day there
once or twice
the crowds there seem to fancy me
all lookin’ for a song to sing
to rest their weary minds
In paradise

there’s a comfort and a harmony
that wraps around this heart in me
and holds me like a story that still tells
of every place I’ve ever been before
the lives I loved and missed and more
and every one of them still seems to wish me well
wish me well
wish me well

I found a distant, reminiscent line
in a poem that was penned
before I’d ever put a word or thought to rhyme
and when I played at the Dream Away
in Becket for a weekend stay
I changed my song
and sang those words the time

that all my friends in intimate comradery
and all the people that surrounded me with love
and words that fell
they forgave my hesitant complexity
they overwhelmed me with attentive revelry
They made me realize that
life is meant to be

Life is meant to be lived