Custom Love Songs by Award Winning Artist Douglas Haines

Since 2013 Douglas Haines has written over 2000 custom love songs for people in 44 countries, songs about life, love, memories, break-ups, remembering, hoping, giving, tribute, laughter and caring. Douglas writes songs in the genres of pop, rock, blues, folk, country and Americana.    

Have Douglas write a Custom Love Song for you, to use as a gift or a keepsake. Or, have Douglas put your own words/lyrics to music. A gift from the heart.    

Once you order, Douglas will personally call you to review your information, enabling him to create or refine the lyrics to ultimate perfection. Within 14 days, Douglas will have your new song files available for digital download and will create & ship a beautiful CD package containing your song! An incredible gift & memory!  

Select your preferred option below:


  • Once you place your order, you will be taken to a questionnaire to complete which will provide the information for Douglas to put your song lyrics together.  
  • Douglas will personally call you to verify and discuss your information, seeking the best results for you. 
  • Douglas will create your song lyrics and send them to you for review until they are perfect. Nothing will be recorded until you approve your lyrics. 
  • Then, based on your desires & drawing on Douglas' influences in folk, pop, jazz, soul, and blues music, he will put your lyrics to music! 
  • You will receive a professional recorded and mastered copy of your song via digital download that you can share on social media if you so desire. Plus, you will  a beautifully designed and packaged CD (based on info you provide) via USPS mail.

That's all there is to it!


This "Sample" package allows you the opportunity to get a  short illustration of what Douglas can create for you without investing a lot of money! Creatively written, professionally recorded. Place your order, fill out the form and within 14 days, you'll have your new song sample!

Listen to sample custom songs below!

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