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PRE-ORDER your copy of Douglas Haines' new Album: "I Can't Change". 16 original songs

from Award Winning and Master Guitarist Douglas Haines.





"I Can't Change"


(includes "US only" shipping)

 1. Before You Know

  2. One More Day

  3. Colors

  4. I Met A Girl

  5. Like The Wind

  6. I Can't Change

  7. One Day Closer To You

  8. I'm In

  9. Don't Go Away

10. Jenny

11. Before It Rained

12. As Long As I Have You

13. It's Gotta Be Love

14. She Is

15. Let Me Catch My Breath

16. Love Can't Break Your Heart


The new album "I Can't Change"

will be released on October 15, 2017.

Once you place your order, we will catalog your order and schedule your new CD to be shipped on


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