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12 songs on Douglas Haines' new album: "I Can't Change".

ORDER NOW - The new CD:  "I Can't Change"

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Acoustic Mastery - Insightful and Creative Lyrics - Captivating Melodies


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About Douglas Haines

Award winning Americana/Folk Singer-Songwriter


Douglas Haines has been entertaining audiences with original music for three decades. He is an Americana singer/songwriter, blending acoustic guitar melodies with a poet's gift for capturing a story in lyric form.


6 Time Winner - Texico Country Music Songwriting Contest

2 Time Top 10 National Americana Artist (reverbnation.com)

5 Time #1 Midwest Americana Artist (reverbnation.com).




New Album "I Can't Change"

12 New Original Songs.

Enjoy the Acoustic Guitar and Songwriting Mastery of Douglas Haines

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Douglas Haines Music

Genuine - Complex - Wonderful

"In running a worldwide entertainment company, I come across many genres of music. I understand the complex nature of what makes a song stick in your mind as well as your heart. It takes a special talent to not only make a melody flow but when you feel like you are a part of the story of the song, that is when you have found the musician who is a genuine artist who stands above the rest. Douglas is a testament to said artist. Once you take a listen to just one song, you will long to sit back and soak in his entire catalog of original content. I guarantee that the blend of his voice, wonderful musicianship and the tale he weaves into each and every song, you will become as enamored and delighted as I am."

Debby "Fergy" Ferguson


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Americana-Folk singer-songwriter Douglas Haines, has brought the power of the song back!

Heart Felt - Sincere - Superb

Douglas Haines writes and plays music that is so in depth, it will take you to a place somewhere in your life. Listening to his songs is kind of like reading a really good book, you are there. This is music for men and women, not girls and boys. The bad news is: this is not what you will hear on radio. The good news is: this is not what you hear on the radio! Douglas Haines is one of those singer-songwriters whose music and melodies is so subtle, delicate and intimate, that you are pretty much convinced he is singing just for you, and he probably is! The minute I hit play on the finger-picking, Before You Know, I was thrown back to the days of America, Bread, Crosby, Stills Nash and Young, Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, Don Mclean, Lobo, and the list could go on and on. Haines could sing the yellow pages and it would sound real and heart felt. His voice is pure and sincere and never dull, overdone or forced. He sings about his life and love, holding nothing back. Something Haines does superbly on Before It Rained and Love Cant Break Your Heart. It is almost impossible to find words adequate enough for Douglas Haines. Genius seems a bit strong; talented does not seem strong enough. Overall, the Americana-Folk melodies and lyrics of some songs pop a bit more than others in your ear, but one thing is true of all: Douglas Haines voice and style is quite unlike any other singer-songwriter doing the rounds right now; his songs are suited for an emotionally rainy day, and he makes virtually everything he touches memorable!

Rick Jamm


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